Friday, 24 July 2020

System Release 12a: Onyx AFP-3030 v28.51 and VeriFire Tools v10.70

NOTIFIER is pleased to announce System Release 12a: AFP-3030/NCA-2 Service Pack v28.51 and VeriFire Tools v10.70

This release further enhances Smoke Control functionality of AFP-3030 and introduces new features to improve system installation and maintenance efficiency.


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Simplified Smoke Control Configuration with Intuitive Wizard

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Enhanced Smoke Control with Damper Functionality

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Better User Experience and Flexibility

  • New, simplified programming wizard for Smoke Control that makes it quicker and easier to configure Fan and Damper control.
  • Changed SCS manual control operation to function when the automatic operation is Disabled.
  • Enhanced capability to provide complete and active Smoke and Damper control from the fire alarm system.
  • Added flexibility to add Script logic to the Smoke Control wizard where more complex start sequences are required, such as operation over networked nodes or zone pressurization.
  • Simplified programming that saves you time and gives you a clear view of all your fan and damper settings.
  • Smoke & Damper control programming wizard provides representations of the Fan/Damper switch group with section checkbox and drop-down menu making programming quick and intuitive.
  • Duct Probe activation is now easily identifiable by blinking the FAN RUN indicator.



Feature Detail

Release Notes

AFP-3030 / NCA Service Pack v28.51 firmware *

VeriFire Tools v10.70 *

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