VESDA Laser Industrial

Aspirating smoke detection for industrial and harsh environments

VESDA VLI is an industry first early warning aspirating smoke detection system designed to prodect industrial applications and harsh environments up to 2,000 sq m. The VLI combines a fail-safe intelligent filter with an advanced clean-air barrier for optics protection and a long life detection chamber without the need for recalibration.

  • Robust absolute smoke detection
  • Intelligent filter
  • Lint trap to capture fibrous particles
  • Clean air barrier for optics protection
  • Rubberized housing
  • Air-path monitoring
  • Clean Air Zero (TM)

Created: Friday, 24 April 2020 15:33
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VLI-880: VESDA VLI with relays


  • AS 7240.20:2012; Activfire certificate # afp-2765