CFP-16 Agent Release

8 or 16 zone conventional FACP with Agent Release Module

CFP-16 Extinguishing Agent Releasing Panel is an 8 or 16 zone Fire Alarm Control Panel for extinguishing agent releasing application. The CFP-16 extinguishing agent release panel provides reliable fi re detection and protection for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings requiring extinguishing agent-based releasing.

The standard panel is equipped with 8 detection zones but may be extended to 16 Zones by the addition of an 8 Zone expansion module and incorporates one Extinguishing Agent Release zone module. The module provides for connection of visual warning devices and Local Control Stations (LCS)

The system can be configured for either single or dual activation (double interlock) prior to release. Adjustable time delays between second stage alarms and extinguishing agent release are also provided.


  • 8 Zones - expandable to 16 zones
  • 80 character LCD display providing a simple user friendly interface
  • 24 character programmable zone descriptor
  • Zones can be configured for a range of different device type functions
  • Outputs may be programmed for different functional and cause & effect requirements
  • Dual risk operation – from three risk inputs
  • Adjustable discharge delay timer 
  • 5A Extinguishing agent releasing device output
  • Local Control Station fitted to enclosure
  • Optional Pyrozone interface 

Created: Friday, 24 April 2020 13:52
Version: E
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CFP-16/650-8ZPS11GL: 8 zones fitted with NPS-11, 1 x Agent Release zone in CAB650 with LCS fitted to outer door

CFP-16/900-8ZPS11GL: 8 zones fitted with NPS-11, 1 x Agent Release zone in CAB900 with LCS fitted to outer door

  • AS7240.2:2004 & AS7240.4:2004.
  • AS4428.3:2010
  • Activfire certificate # afp-2886