1-2 loop intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel with non-proprietary programming tools

AFP-2802 is an intelligent, analogue addressable panel with non-proprietary programming tools, approved to AS 4428.1:1998 and listed in ActivFire® (afp-1459).


  • Up to 2 addressable loops
  • CLIP protocol supporting up 99 detectors and 99 modules per loop
  • 3 levels of passwords (5 per level)
  • Selectable event printing (all events, alarms only, none)
  • 4000 event, event log
  • Boolean logic - simple programming
  • Day / Night sensitivity mode for different detector sensitivities during different times of day
  • Large LCD screen with intuitive interface
  • CSIRO Approved to AS4428.1:1998
  • 36 Month Warranty

Created: Friday, 24 April 2020 14:51
Version: A
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AFP-2800 is available in custom configurations. Please contact us for ordering information.