NFX-MCP is an Intelligent Indoor Call Point which can be used with NOTIFIER addressable fire alarm control panels.

Certified toAS7240.11, NFX-MCP provides a red, addressable manual call point which is easily installed and maintained with a range of accessories to suit most applications. The plug and play design facilitates first fix capability and provides an easy to install solution of the highest quality and reliability – protecting building occupants from fire threats.

  • FlashScan protocol, up to 159 devices on AFP-2800 and AFP-3030
  • Terminal block enables fast and simple installation with first fix capability
  • Surface mount or Flush mount options
  • Clear cover flap option available
  • Flexible non-frangible element option available

Created: Friday, 24 April 2020 14:06
Version: D
Size: 180.79 KB


NFX-MCP-GLASS: FlashScan indoor manual call point


SG-1x10: Spare MCP glass (pk 10), common to all MCP’s

PS200: Clear replacements flap to cover MCP from accidental breakage suits all KAC MCP’s - curved shape

PS210: Flexible MCP element

SC070: Spare test key (pk 10), to suit all MCPs

SR: Red back box suitable for surface mounting KAC Manual Call Point

  • AS ISO 7240.11:2018; ActivFire certificate # afp-3338