Acclimate Multi-criteria Sensor

The FAPT-851AUS Acclimate™ detector uses a combination of photoelectric and thermal sensing technologies to increase immunity to false alarms. Unlike traditional intelligent detectors, the Acclimate™ detector has a microprocessor in the detector head that processes alarm data. As a result, the Acclimate™ detector adjusts its sensitivity automatically, without operator intervention or control panel programming.

Areas where the Acclimate™ detector is especially useful include office complexes, schools, college campuses, manufacturing and industrial facilities, and anywhere else the use of a particular area may change.


  • Automatically adjusts sensitivity levels without operator intervention or programming.
  • Addressing by rotary decade switch.
  • Dual bi-color LED design provides 360° viewing angle.
  • Built-in tamper-resistant feature.
  • Capable of heat-only alarm mode, enabled by a special command from the FACP.

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FAPT-851AUS-IV: FlashScan Acclimate Multi-criteria smoke/heat sensor - Ivory

FAPT-851AUS-W FlashScan Acclimate Multi-criteria smoke/heat sensor - Pure White


  • AS 7240.7 & 7240.5: 2018: ActivFire certificate # afp-3357