Thermal Sensor - CLIP protocol

Notifier FDX-851AUS Series intelligent plug-in thermal detectors with integral communication has features that surpass conventional detectors. Point ID capability allows each detector’s address to be set with decade address switches, providing exact detector locations. FDX-851AUS Series thermal detectors use an thermistor sensing circuit to produce 57°C fixed-temperature (FDX-851AUS) and rate-of-rise thermal detection (FDX-851RAUS).

These thermal detectors provide effective, intelligent property protection in a variety of applications. FDX-851AUS Series detectors are compatible with Notifier Onyx and CLIP series Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs).


  • Sleek, low-profile stylish design.
  • Thermistor technology for fast response
  • Rate-of-rise model (FDX-851RAUS), 8.3°C per minute
  • Fixed temperature at 57°C; high-temperature model fixed at 88°C
  • Compatible with FlashScan® and CLIP protocol systems (FlashScan systems will operate in CLIP mode)
  • Rotary, decimal addressing
  • 360°-field viewing angle of the visual alarm indicators (two bi-color LEDs).
  • Integral communications and built-in device-type identification
  • Built-in functional test switch activated by external magnet
  • Built-in tamper-resistant feature
  • Sealed against back pressure
  • Plugs into separate base for ease of installation and maintenance

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FDX-851AUS-IV: CLIP fixed temperature thermal sensor - Ivory

FDX-851RAUS-IV: CLIP rate of rise thermal sensor - Ivory


B501AUS-IV: Universal addressable detector base, Ivory

B524IEFT-IV: Universal addressable detector base with Isolator, Ivory

  • FDX-851AUS - AS7240.5:2018 class A2; ActivFire certificate # afp-3363
  • FDX-851RAUS - AS7240.5:2018 class A2R; ActivFire certificate # afp-3364