ONYX FirstVision

ONYX FirstVision™ displays critical information on the origin and spread of a fire for single or multi-building sites, allowing firefighters to quickly address the situation.

ONYX FirstVision™ is a revolutionary way finding navigational tool for fire fighters and other emergency responders utilizing a 22" touch screen interface to graphically display critical information on the origin andspread of a fire; allowing fire fighters to quickly locate and extinguish the fire.

  • 22" LCD touchscreen
  • Intuitive graphical interface with automatic navigation to emergency event location
  • Time sequence display of activated detectors to track event progression
  • Interfaces to ONYX® Series panels or NOTI-FIRE-NET (standard or high-speed) through NFN Gateway over Ethernet
  • Displays critical information on water supplies, gas, power and HVAC shutoffs along with chemical and physical hazards in the building
Created: Friday, 24 April 2020 13:44
Version: B
Size: 265.2 KB
Created: Tuesday, 24 March 2020 16:51
Version: A
Size: 650.43 KB


ONYX-FV: Onyx Firstvision 22"