Fire Alarms and Cloud connectivity? Not too long ago these were different worlds unheard of in the same sentence!

A Fire Alarm System’s purpose is to is to detect an occurrence, alert the control panel and proper authorities, and notify the occupants to take action. This enables a safer community where loss of life, injury and damage to property and the environment are eliminated through effective Fire Prevention. Fire prevention continues to remain a critical focus area during the current pandemic and economic scenario. Products available in this category have to overcome the twin challenges of providing protection and on-site health and safety requirements. It is essential that overall costs are optimized, while minimizing time spent by technical personnel on site avoiding person to person contact.

Walk Test is a common function on most Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs) providing a method to test fire alarm devices that saves time and requires fewer technicians on site. Using “Walk Test”, a technician can typically activate a device without initiating an alarm event. When the device activated, visual or audible feedback is provided by pulsing one or more Notification Devices.

Walk Test can be great for testing communication between FACP and devices, and verifying zone and device descriptor labels. Onyx AFP-3030 contains multiple options within Walk Test to operate to the technician’s requirements and providing a more comprehensive tool that can be used to verify cause & effect and as an efficient fault-finding tool