Tuesday, 28 July 2020

A “SWIFT” response to COVID-19 challenges

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A Fire Alarm System’s purpose is to detect an occurrence, alert the control panel and proper authorities, and notify the occupants to take action.

This enables a safer community where the loss of life, injury and damage to property and the environment are eliminated through effective Fire Prevention. Fire prevention continues to remain a critical focus area during the current pandemic and economic scenario. Products available in this category have to overcome the twin challenges of providing protection and on-site health and safety requirements. It is essential that overall costs are optimized while minimizing time spent by technical personnel on-site avoiding person to person contact.

Wireless Fire Detection Systems offer many benefits to overcome these challenges presented due to concerns about social distancing, reduced workers, on-site health & safety procedures allowing our industry to maintain the highest protection standards. Some of these benefits are listed below…


Quick Install and Checkout

No more running wiring throughout the building. Installation of wireless fire alarm is easy and takes less time – reducing overall time spent inside building and minimizing people contact on-site. Also, you don’t have to pay for metres and metres of cabling or the man hours to install it consequently generating quick and new business. In this way, labour costs are also reduced significantly.

Less disruption to the business

Minimal down-time of the business. Once a wireless gateway is up and running, the process is simple. The procedure goes something like this: install a battery, mount the fire alarm device, and the device is now part of a mesh connected with the wireless gateway / Fire Alarm Panel.

Remote commissioning

The system can be quickly and easily pre-programmed remotely off-site enabling quick deployment hence drastically reducing the number of technicians required to install the system on-site. Hence the risk of people to people contact is minimized.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The flexibility of the wireless system is a huge benefit. Because the devices are not wired, they can be moved or adjusted with relative ease, and you will not have to change any wiring, penetrations, or conduit. Devices can thus be repositioned for maximum effectiveness in the system.

Fixed project cost

The easy to use site survey details what devices are required and where. Hence , the exact quantity of devices required are known before installation, guaranteeing a fixed project cost.


NOTIFIER’s SWIFT wireless mesh is integrated with ONYX AFP-3030 to create a flexible wired/wireless intelligent fire detection system. Notifier SWIFT wireless system is certified to the relevant AS ISO 7240 standard and meets AS 1670.1:2018 installation requirements. See SWIFT product page for more information.