Monday, 07 September 2020

Productivity, Efficiency, Compliance And Save Money! Why Not?

Every business looks to find avenues where they can increase productivity and efficiency and at the same time, save the much-needed cash reserves.

With having connectivity and visibility at the heart of fire safety, and a great way of saving the much needed $$$ while doing the same job that you do the best – take care of the site, system and your customer.  Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) lets you do all of that!


Visibility across all your sites with all events and notifications reported to you. Anytime, Anywhere

Equipping businesses with the weapons which were missing from the battlefield till date, CLSS helps to tackle the double-edged sword of having high productivity and efficiency while keeping your pockets plump.

Commissioning, testing, monthly and annual inspections, there is so much ofmanual work at every stage of project/site. There is the maintenance report that needs to be made, corrective actions need to be recorded, and we need to ensure we are not testing the same devices again. Why shouldn’t these tedious tasks be automated, and in this current age, shouldn’t the brain behind the glass door of the black box on the wall be doing that part for you?

Not to forget, we still need to do the tedious task of marrying the tests with actual recorded events – well, the customer or the authorities could ask you to do that, can’t they? Well, use CLSS to generate a test report that shows the device was tested with showing correlated events straight from the system – yes, that is as easy as 1,2,3!

Automated indisputable compliance reporting and intelligent remote visibility of the entire portfolio on or off-site, anytime and anywhere is what is required. And that’s what Honeywell brings to you on your mobile devices.

Inspection report 1 Inspection report 2 Inspection report 3   

 Indisputable Compliance Report Generation. Anytime, Anywhere

It is about time these big or small black boxes by the facility’s entrance or the control room give us the information and talk to us and does the job for us instead we note things down manually. I'm sure we have much more important stuff to do!


Intelligent Data with Remote Visibility of your entire portfolio using the CLSS App

Get your hands on this latest technology from Honeywell and discover the new age possibilities that were unheard or never thought of before.



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