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Switching to addressable aspirating smoke detection can help revolutionize how fire safety is managed and enhance safety.


Large facilities with multiple rooms present various challenges to traditional fire detection, particularly when it comes to installation and maintenance.

A VESDA “Aspirating Smoke Detector" alerts a facility’s fire safety system before an emergency unfolds, giving you time to evaluate and eliminate the potential hazard before it becomes a true safety issue.

When it comes to fire safety, knowledge of the location of a fire in a building is paramount to responding fire brigade services for effective search/rescue and targeted operation of the building’s fire safety systems

NOTIFIER has introduced a new range of Addressable VESDA Detectors that can occupy the loop next to our full range of Addressable detectors and Modules.

The key for effective control of fires in Large Open Spaces (LOS) is to detect and manage them at the earliest possible stage.

To continue the previous discussion around the code requirements and the latest standard for implementing effective response to a fire event. In this article, I will share some industry practices of the Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) systems solution to be used as Effective Response.

Monday, 24 August 2020

How to gather VESDA baseline data

Baseline data is the capturing of system design and performance requirements for fire detection and alarm systems. How to gather baseline data? Ideally at commissioning time, or when the pipes have been cleaned thoroughly.