University of Sunshine Coast


Honeywell provides an integrated fire detection and mass notification system to enable centralised control and monitoring for campus personnel.


The Needs:

  • Centralised monitoring, command, and control of a fire and mass notification system.
  • Comprehensive mass notification system to provide situational awareness to public/occupants in the event of an emergency (not just fire).
  • Standardisation of equipment to reduce staff training requirements.

The Solution:

Honeywell integrated the fire alarm system and the emergency warning system to provide a centralised control and monitoring solution using OnyxWorks. The project brought together multiple points of control throughout the campus premises into a single interface to enable faster and more efficient management by campus security and facility personnel.
The existing fire detection infrastructure was expanded using Honeywell’s new Onyx AFP-3030 with the existing AFP-2800 fire alarm control panels. A new mass notification system using Digital Voice Command (DVC) was integrated into the existing Noti-Fire-Net network.
The Honeywell team supported the design and installation of the solution, to provide USC a more unified, effective and comprehensive mass notification system to manage voice alarm communication in the event of an emergency.

The Benefits:

  • Better risk management due to the availability of mass notification in the event of emergencies throughout
  • the campus.
  • Centralised control and simplified workflows enable site security personnel to manage and protect occupant safety more efficiently.
  • Can easily control the system for regular operations suchas ‘disable & enable’ during maintenance periods.
  • Standardisation of equipment throughout the campus allows for cost savings in terms of personnel training.
  • Enhanced life-cycle management utilizing existing equipment with the integration of new DVC and AFP-3030 panels into a common network with AFP 2800 control panels and Noti-Fire-NetTM that had already been installed.
  • The strong collaboration between Honeywell and USC has enhanced the safety and enabled security management with higher levels of productivity.
  • The innovative groundwork is set for an expansion of the mass notification system to other forms of notification such as visual warning via LED signs and social media posts ie. Sign Gateway.


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